an indie sitcom web series
coming in 2023

Queers and straights must learn to live in harmony when a sugardaddy's NFT apes escape in this transy-assed Schitt's Creek inspired sitcom.

Neve hasn't seen her cousin Greta since Neve was the family's golden boy. BARF.

She's been through it. Transition. Divorce. It’s been a lot. Now Neve and her bestie Dylan plan to sublet Greta's NYC apartment and run a photo studio there, while Greta's sugardaddy-cum-fiancé Philip whisks her off to Italy.

When Philip goes bust in a series of terrible financial decisions, will Neve and Greta become family again?

Created by Eileen Noonan.

Sneak Peak!

This is an early excerpt from our pilot episode to give you the vibe. It’s all shot and in post-production! So there’s a lot more where this came from 😈

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